The Kidney Health Group is a specialized medical practice serving Akron, Ohio and surrounding areas. Our focus is on kidney care and wellness. We also specialize in internal medical, critical care medicine, hypertension, dialysis, and transplantation.


At the Kidney Health Group we help you to better kidney health. Here is a list of some of the areas we specialize in:

  • General Nephrology

  • Chronic Kidney Disease Management

  • Long Term Care After Transplant

  • Treatment of Hypertension

  • Treatment of Kidney Stones

  • Dialysis


Some of the most common diagnoses we treat are:

  • Kidney disease

    • can affect one or both kidneys

    • can be due to a problem specifically in the kidney or damage to the kidneys from other diseases

    • the patient will need blood tests, and sometimes urine tests, to measure kidney function

    • if kidney disease doesn't get better within 3 months the patient is then considered to have chronic kidney disease or "CKD"

    • there are 5 stages of CKD

  • Hypertension

    • blood pressure can be high without a patient having any symptoms so it is important to check from time to time

    • high blood pressure harms kidneys over time

    • a variety of medications may be needed to control blood pressure especially if the patient also has kidney disease

  • Kidney Stones

    • formed in salty, concentrated urine

    • it is not unusual to have at least one kidney stone episode in your lifetime

    • kidney stones are usually made up of calcium but can be made up of other crystals as well

    • kidney stones can be very painful or get infected if the stones get stuck

    • the patient will need urine tests, imaging, and possibly a urologist to manage

    • drinking fluids and eating a low salt diet can help prevent stones from forming or growing

  • Dialysis

    • a procedure that is done to replace the kidney's function of cleaning the body of wastes and excess fluid when the patient's own kidneys can't do the job

    • waste can be removed by cleaning the blood directly as in hemodialysis, or indirectly as in peritoneal dialysis

    • the patient will need to stay in touch with the nephrologist to time dialysis appropriately

    • the goal is to keep the patient as independent as possible

  • Pheresis

    • a treatment involving the removal of proteins, fats, or specific cells and substances from the plasma

    • used in a wide variety of aliments including sickle cell anemia, familial hypertriglyceridemia, and certain hematologic diseases

    • these treatments can be done as an outpatient


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